Vintage 1951 Lot of Original Artwork by J. T. Fazio

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Original Artwork by J. T. Fazio.
Unframed art on poster board & one doodle on regular paper.
Fishing & Thunderbird are signed & dated 1951.
Skiing looks like it was signed but later whited out...
The doodle is not signed or dated.
What a Wonderful & Unusual Find.
Is the Artist Famous? Who Knows...
But Obviously They Are Very Talented.
"Teasure Hunt Collectable"
Unique in it's Own Right, a Real Star!

Fishing Measures Approx. 13.5" X 7.5"
Thunderbird Measures 9.25" X 7.25"
Skiing Measures 6" X 6.25"
Doodle Measures 8.5" X 11"

Condition: Collectible

Fishing: Bottom right corner has several bends & the very tip of this corner is separating. The top corner tips also have bends & a very small nick to the top edge. The top 7" of sky has small ripples in the poster board you can barely see & did not show up in the scan above.

Thunderbird: This one has straight corners & in very good condition as a piece of tracing paper has protected its surface for all these years! It does however have a Discoloration over the signature area.

Skiing: Straight corners but has some pencil writing on left corner & top right corner that has been erased.

Doodle: Has fold mark down center. Top edge and top right corner have large paint splashes & there are small speck of paint here & there. It is a bit faded or was just lightly drawn?

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