Sky Stallion (Paperback)

by Alea Bushardt, Melody Clayton
& Jeanne Mellin

Sky Stallion Paperbackby by Alea Bushardt (Author), Melody Clayton (Editor), Jeanne Mellin (Illustrator)

Condition - New

Alea Bushardt lives in North Carolina with her family. Born in 1990, she started her first book at thirteen and the sequel at fourteen. She is currently writing the third book of the series. She began drawing and writing as a form of escape from sensory overload due to her autism. She truly enjoys writing and her love affair with horses inspired her to use them in her novels. Her frustration over the books she was reading was another inspiration to write because they were about the people and not the animals. Alea is an avid equestrian and rides English as well as Western. She is known for her great seat and superb control over any horse she rides. She loves to barrel race her horse, Sunny, who is a very sweet and spunky palomino quarter horse. Her preference is natural horsemanship and enjoys riding bareback without a bridle and bit. She wants to own land one day, with lots of green pastures and trees, and train horses, including stallions. Her ideal is to have the pasture come right up to her windows so she can be close to her horses at all times. However, she may just run off, join the circus and become the show girl riding an Andalusian stallion bareback through a ring of fire!


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