Ballads & Lyrics By Charles Mackay

Including Legends of the Isles, Ballads &
Lyrical Poems,Voices From the Mountains,
Voices From the Crowd, & Town Lyrics,
with Illustrations by John Gilbert 1859 Edition

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Front Cover

Front Cover



Title Page

Title Page

The Illustrated Page is No Longer Connected to the Binding
Back Cover

Back Cover

1859 Ballads and Lyrics by Charles Mackay
Including Legends of the Isles, Ballads and Lyrical Poems,
Voices From the Mountains, Voices From the Crowd, And Town Lyrics,
with Illustrations by John Gilbert

Condition Collectible - Poor

Vintage 1859 Embossed Cloth Hardcover Edition. In average condition for it's age. (See Pics). Cover is cracked at shelback, loose binding, corners are bumped, 1st page with illustration shown in picture above is no longer attached to the binding. This book was purchased at an Estate sale.

About the Author

Charles Mackay (1841-1889) was born in Perth, Scotland. His mother died shortly after his birth, and his father, who had been in turn a Lieutenant on a Royal Navy sloop (captured and imprisoned for four years in France) and then an Ensign in the 47th foot taking part in the ill-fated Walcheren Expedition where he contracted malaria, sent young Charles to live with a nurse in Woolwich in 1822. After a couple of years' education in Brussels from 1828-1830, he became a journalist and songwriter in London. He worked on The Morning Chronicle from 1835-1844, when he was appointed Editor of The Glasgow Argus. His song The Good Time Coming sold 400,000 copies in 1846, the year that he was awarded his Doctorate of Literature by Glasgow University. He was a friend of influential figures such as Charles Dickens and Henry Russell, and moved to London to work on The Illustrated London News in 1848, and he became Editor of it in 1852. He was a correspondent for The Times during the American Civil War, but thereafter concentrated on writing books. Apart from Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, he is best remembered for his songs and his Dictionary of Lowland Scotch.



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