Sabbath Bells Chimed By the Poets

Illustrated By
Birket Foster
1856 Edition

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Front Cover

Front Cover



Wonderful Gold Lettering is
Still in Perfect Condition!
Title Page

Title Page

The page is not discolored, this book is still tight & did not open all the way so it did not scan as well as hoped...

Sabbath Bells Chimed By the Poets
Illustrated By Birket Foster
1856 Edition

Condition Collectible - Good

Vintage 1856 Hardcover Edition. Decorative Gold Embossed Cover with gilt page edges.In great condition for it's age. (See Pics). Binding is tight with no hinge, pages are in great condition, clean, straight, very light even tanning as expected with a book of this age. Edges of Cover have slight rubbing/scuffing, corners are lightly bumped. This book was purchased at an Estate sale.

Book Review

Sabbath Bells Chimed by the Poets by various poets, London: Beautiful Antique Book



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