Yellow Plumeria Cutting
Ready to Plant
The Official Hawaiian Lei Flower


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Yellow Plumeria Cutting Ready to Plant
The Official Hawaiian Lei Flower

When planting the cutting, dip the cut end in RooTone or other root hormone with fungicide. Plant it shallow in sand or perlite mixed with potting soil as good drainage is necessary. Stake the cutting for support or place it against the side of the container for additional support while forming roots. Water sparingly but keep the soil moist. Place the cutting in strong or full sunlight. Bottom heat by placing the container on sun-baked concrete can help promote faster root formation and growth. New leaf growth signals that the roots have formed this usually takes 6-8 weeks. Tip cuttings may bloom the first year if latent buds are already in the tip on the cutting, but generally takes one or more years to produce their own blossoms.

Plumerias have an abundance of gorgeous & fragrant flowers from early summer until fall. In the tropics some varieties can grow to a height of over 30 feet. All varieties can be planted and pruned into a large hedge when grown in the garden or kept as a flowering container plant. Plumeria's 2 to 4 inch flowers are extremly fragrant, so plant trees close to windows & patio areas to enjoy the exquisite fragrance. Plumerias go dormant in the winter & come back in the spring.

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