1955 All Hands Navel Magazine

A Real Piece of History! Special 1950's Navel Issue.
Features the rights and benefits of Navymen and their dependants.
It provides information on furthering your career in the 1950's navel services.
The Contents Include: Pay, Subsistence, Quarters, Clothing, Medical, etc.

Front Cover Vintage 1955 All Hands Magazine
Contents 1955 All Hands Magazine
Back Cover 1955 All Hands Magazine
  • When you enter the Navy
  • Insurance
  • Housing
  • Assistance Available
  • Education & Training
  • Pathes of Advancement
  • Pathes to a Commission
  • Transportation
  • Buying Your Home
  • Retikrement
  • Annuity Plan
  • Social Security Credits
  • Survivors Benefits
  • Important Papers, Will, Power of Attorney, etc.
  • Pay Chart: Table of Pay & Allowonces
  • And More!


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